Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis we recognise that people are not two-dimensional beings; we are each a whole person with a broad range of aspirations and needs and these needs are interconnected.  To truly help someone with their educational needs, it is vital to also be aware of their emotional needs, spiritual needs and economic needs. As such, we believe in communities that are holistic, interconnected and totally inclusive.  We call our model for these communities ‘hub.’

As part of the commitment to pastoral care for the Hub and the Academy there is a Chaplain. The Chaplain leads a team of volunteer chaplains to support, develop and lead on matters spiritual, moral, social and cultural for staff, students and community members of all faith and of none.

Things we do:

  • Provide a prayer space for people of faith or no-faith 
  • Provide mentoring and a listening ear (under the Academy Student Support Service)
  • Provide spiritual help and development (through the curriculum and individually)
  • Assemblies at major festivals and other times
  • Make links with other local community groups and schools
  • Make links with parents by being around at Parents Evenings, etc.
  • Take a lead in the Christmas Festival
  • Available at times of crisis
  • Generally support the whole life of the Academy