Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy MediaCityUK we have high standards and expect all students to wear the uniform correctly and to look smart.

Uniform can be purchased from 'Nick's School Children Wear' in Salford.

Year 7 to Year 11

General Uniform

All students are required to wear an Academy tie at all times. Students must have their top button done up and appropriately sized shirts must be purchased with this rule in mind.

  • Black blazer with Academy badge
  • Black tailored trousers or black (Oasis logo) pleated skirt (no tight fitting skirts or leggings and skirts must be knee length)
  • Academy tie
  • White shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • Black flat-heeled shoes (no boots)
  • Black or White socks (ankle socks only with skirts)
  • Correctly coloured lanyard appropriate to year group 

Sports Uniform

All students must bring their full academy PE kit. Our expectation is students must still get changed even if they are ill or injured, without no exception. Students will be given another role in the lesson as a coach or assistant if they may not be able to physically take part.

  • White or Black academy logo t-shirt
  • Academy PE socks
  • Black academy logo shorts
  • Plain black leggings
  • Trainers
  • Black academy logo skirt (optional)
  • Black academy logo hoody/tracksuit top (optional)
  • Black academy logo tracksuit pants (optional)
  • Black academy beanie hat (optional)
  • Black or white under armor (optional)


All jewelry including studs and watches must be removed for PE. Long hair must be tied back.





General Appearance& Personal Belongings

Students are not allowed to wear jewellery, apart from a wrist watch.  If your child is planning on having any visible piercings, please ensure they are done in plenty of time for the completion of the healing process, as they will be asked to remove all jewellery on their return to the Academy in September. Facial piercings, including tongue piercings are forbidden.

Only natural hair colours are acceptable, no tramlines or extreme hairstyles will be permitted. Headband and bobbles should be black and hair must be kept tidy.

Subtle make up may be worn.  Students will be asked to remove make up which is deemed to be indiscreet. False eyelashes and nails, as well as nail varnish, are not allowed to be worn and will be removed.

Oasis Academy MediaCityUK can accept no responsibility for the loss of any students’ personal belongings, this applies to all areas within the academy premises and the use of student lockers.