Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Home Learning

At Oasis Academy MediaCityUK, we are striving to ensure that all students leave with the skills, abilities and qualifications to become successful in their future careers. This year, we are re-launching our homework policy for the new academic year ahead, and we would ask that you support the school to ensure your child completes and hands their homework in using the correct platform, on the correct day. 

The purpose of homework is to build upon classroom learning and embed key knowledge through recall.  It gives pupils the opportunity to research topics further and in more depth, and it teaches them to work towards and meet deadlines.

Homework will be accessed in several different ways, mainly through Microsoft TEAMS/FORMS but also through online platforms SPARX/EDUCAKE, or by completing handouts and taking books home to complete class work.

Homework is set termly and should be completed according to the timetables shown here:

-       Term 1 Homework Timetable

-       Term 2 Homework Timetable

-       Term 3 Homework Timetable

-       Term 4 Homework Timetable

-       Term 5 Homework Timetable

-       Term 6 Homework Timetable

The below table shows every subject and their homework platform:

English Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
History Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
Geography Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
RS Microsoft TEAMS
Spanish (MFL) Paper Hand Out
French (MFL) Paper Hand Out
Art Paper Hand Out/Sketchbooks
Photography Sketchbooks/Photograph taking
Food Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
Health & Social Microsoft TEAMS/Booklets
Sports Studies Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
Product Design Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz/Sketchbooks
Media Studies Microsoft TEAMS/Forms Quiz
Sociology Microsoft TEAMS


The homework timetable shows the minimum amount of homework your child will receive, teachers are able to set additional homework as the academic year progresses.